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About Us:

We are a team of young talent united for promoting ART by assisting the artists in showcasing their works to get possible support from the community. We aim to provide an opportunity for every fine arts student in India with our initiative - CallART. We anticipate CallART to be a tool in bridging gap between the talent and the community.

We operate across the nation through our representatives operating from various fine arts colleges in India. This site contains the collection of various forms of art from young artist students and few popular artist. This site serves as an expression for the young talent and showcases the world the works of various artists as an online studio.

Each art can be given for sale or for rent to anywhere in India. Created fund will be used to run this initiative & support the young artist from India who needs it the most. Ex: you buy a art from us, the money generated will be routed back to the student who owns it or another talent which need support to continue his education as an artist as a scholarship / for conducting an exhibition for the batch of young talent anywhere in India.

We mainly showcase the fine arts. However we will also entertain new forms of art like Collage, Decollage, Assemblage, Installation, Calligraphy, Music, Dance, Theatre, Architecture, Film, Photography, Conceptual art, and Printmaking. We invite interested fine arts students from various colleges & Universities to join this initiative and help themselves.

Any other type of art can be made available upon a clear expression of interest from the concerned. We providing not less than museum quality paintings, sculpture and photography works. Our collection is best suited in Executive offices, Hospitals, Reception areas, Conference rooms, Luxury villas and etc. We would love to hear from you.


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